The Holistic Philosophy of Passages Malibu

A rehab center is only as strong as the principles which guide it, and here is where Passages Malibu truly excels at resolving addiction. Chris and Pax have seen how the average treatment center regards their clients, and they wanted to do something completely different. When you come to Passages Malibu for help, you will only be treated with dignity, patience and respect.

As you may or may not have already experienced, the majority of rehab centers are mistreating their clients without even realizing it. The problem lies within the very structure of the organization itself, which promotes negativity by making clients call themselves an “addict” with a “disease”. Whether it’s a 12-step program or a hospital emergency room, modern science has taught medical workers to look down on those struggling with addiction.

Instead of viewing addiction as a disease, we view it as a single facet of your character that can be changed using organic means. While other rehab centers are quick to pump you full of toxic alternative medicines, Passages Malibu uses only holistic therapies and natural supplementations to get you feeling your very best again.

The Four Main Causes of Addiction

The reasons behind any addiction are too complex to simply be classified as a disease. Our staff has been trained to professionally get to the bottom of your addiction so that you can better realize the underlying factors that have been driving you to use. Once these core causes have been addressed, you’ll learn new techniques and skills to deal with cravings so that you can finally stop – once and for all.

When you are honest with yourself about your addiction, you will find at least one of these four main causes of addiction applies to you: