Before Passages Malibu

For ten years, Pax Prentiss struggled with an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. He kept the problem hidden from his family so that no one would know the full extent to which he lied, stole, and cheated others on a daily basis. Things grew so bad that by the time Pax admitted to his father Chris that he was in need of help, he had lost all of his friends and could no longer support himself.

By this point, it had become clear to Pax that his addiction was no longer within his control. His life still revolved around getting chemicals into his body by any means necessary, but he no longer enjoyed it anymore and absolutely wanted to stop. However, as determined as he and his father were to find closure and put this all behind, the two of them still had a long journey ahead.

Pax encountered harsh policies at AA and other 12-step programs that were not helpful at all. They discouraged him by labeling him as an “addict” with a “disease”. Pax didn’t like being told that he was sick because it made him feel shameful. When he was using these programs, he would find sobriety for only a short period of time at best before the guilt would become inescapable and force him to go into a relapse.

Fortunately, Chris was there to listen to what Pax had to say. After some soul-searching, the two realized that Pax was in need of something completely different than conventional rehab centers. The only way to overcome his addiction was for him to approach it from a place of respect and enlightenment rather than negative labeling and guilt trips. With this in mind, they began researching alternative ways to handle addiction.

Their meticulous research led them to develop a higher understanding of what it means to be addicted in today’s world. Pax and Chris borrowed elements from Eastern and Western philosophies and merged them into a new form of modern holistic healing that treated all of the mental aspects of addiction as well as the physical. Pax was finally able to understand the four main causes of his addiction and work past them using nothing more than integrative medicines and holistic thinking. The problem, as well as the solution, it seemed, was within him all along.

Soon after Pax rid himself of his addictions, he and his father established Passages Malibu in 2001 with the goal of spreading his newfound holistic vision. Since no two addictions are alike, Passages Malibu utilized a custom-tailored approach that treated an addiction based on the specific individual. It was the first California rehab center of its kind. The unique approach soon took off, and now Passages Malibu has healed thousands of people from their addictions, with hundreds more coming to California each and every year for the same results.

Passages Malibu worked for Pax, and it can work for you, too. Give us a call today to learn how Passages Malibu incorporates a healing model that can naturally rid you of your addiction.